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Pregnancy Treatments

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For all stages, including Pre and Post-Partum!
All of our Registered Massage Therapists are licensed with the Ontario College of Massage Therapists.
All of our Acupuncturists are licensed with the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario.
Prepare your body for your upcoming pregnancy by addressing musculo-skeletal conditions such as lower back pain, sports injuries or joint inflammation. These conditions, if not taken care of ahead of time, may cause more stress on your body during pregnancy.


$50 - $12545 min. $70, 60 min. $90, 90 min. $125.
Enjoy a full body, relaxation massage with special attention to your head, neck and scalp. This treatment helps to manage anxiety as well as muscular tension in your neck and shoulders. Breathing techniques as well as gentle exercises are recommended to strengthen and stabilize your lower back and abdominal core.


$68 - $12530 min: $50, 60 min: $90, 90 min: $125.
Growing breasts, expanding abdominal and pelvic areas place increasing stress on your back, legs and shoulders, and ligaments become loose increasing the likelihood of injury. These treatments are designed to reduce aches and pains, while specific recommended exercises stabilize your body.


$70 - $12545 min: $70, 60 min: $90, 90 min: $125.
Sleep is often disturbed, you may feel anxious about the upcoming birth, muscles are tired and joints are often swollen and tender. Treatments are focused on reducing muscular and joint discomfort, and alleviating stress. As your delivery date gets closer, relaxation massage becomes the priority.
Specific massage techniques are used to help your muscles and joints make a quick recovery. Relaxation massage reduces anxiety while other techniques are used to relax tense abdominal, lower back, hips and pelvic muscles. We also begin treating caesarean section scars. Pamper yourself as you mother your baby.
Studies have shown that, starting from 37 weeks, weekly acupuncture treatments reduce length of labour, how painful it is, and reduces medical intervention. Pre-birth acupuncture treatments are a safe and effective method to improve the quality of your childbirth experience.
Women who have treatments feel they had more efficient labours, were less frightened and needed fewer or no drugs to ease pain. Labour time, on average, is reduced by two hours and the rate of C-sections is reduced by approximately half. Women receiving pre-birth acupuncture do not give birth any earlier than if they did not receive treatment. Our package includes 4 sessions, with an induction treatment for free, if required.